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Everything You Need to Know to Improve Your Skiing


Nobody wants to be left behind on the slopes, seeing all your friends going whizzing past you isn’t exactly what you had planned. But don’t worry, there are a number of different ways to make sure that your skiing skills are up to scratch for the season. From watching technique tutorials, reading up on some ski tips, following skiing related fitness regimes to practising at your local ski slope - you’ll be a ski maestro in no time at all. 


Top Tips for Skiers


Technique Tips for Beginner Skiers


Learn how to advance from the snowplough: beginners usually skip the truly vital stage of mastering their snow-plough turns in a mad rush to go parallel. It’s definitely worth making sure you nail a powerful plough, this will help you to stop skiing just within your comfort zone and will help to achieve your full potential. 


Practising a pre-ski warm up: warming up properly before you even hit the slopes can help to prevent annoying injuries and can improve overall performance, whatever level you are skiing at.


Post-ski cool down: just as you should always make sure to stretch it out after going for a run or doing a gym session, you should do a proper cool down after a day’s skiing. 


Technique Tips for Intermediate Skiers


Intermediate skiers approach the slopes with some confidence, but it’s the easiest place to develop bad habits. Make sure that you’re still doing the basics correctly and you’ll be fine.


Learn the importance of the ankle flex: to use your ankles effectively when skiing relies heavily on each individual skiers biomechanics and breaking off old/bad habits learnt when previously wearing ill-fitting hire boots. 


How to improve your carving: making the right angles from your hips and practising this at home can really help to improve the carving skills of intermediate and even expert skiers whilst at home. 


Technique Tips for Expert Skiers


Master jump turns: in narrow corridors and on super steep slopes, jump turns allow you to make it down with lots of style and control. 


Skidded turns: flattening the skis through the turn instead of carving on your edges, resulting in a skidded turn, can help you to master your speed control. 


Zero-speed turns: a zero-speed pivoted turn allows you to control your acceleration on steep terrain.


Step turns: using step turns can help to reduce your speed and build up your confidence. 


Controlling side slipping: mastering the art of controlled skids and side slipping can help to get you out of a tight spot on the steep slopes. 


Get Fit for the Slopes


Following a skiing related fitness programme is a sure way to improve your fitness in time for hitting the slopes; these will have exercises designed to improve the strength in key muscles such as your core, glutes and legs. 


Increase your Agility - Lateral Jumps

  • Use something flat to mark a line on the floor.

  • Stand on one side of the line with your feet placed slightly apart and sink down into a squat.

  • Laterally jump to the other side of the line, coming to the squat position again when you land.

  • Repeat this movement, jumping from one side of the line to the other for 20 repetitions.

  • Complete four sets of 20 reps total, with a rest of one minute between sets.


Strengthen your Core - Oblique Planks

  • Lie on one side and raise yourself up to rest on your elbow and the outside edge of your foot.

  • Start in this side plank position and raise your other arm above you.

  • Next, rotate your body down and round towards the floor, touching the elbow of the free arm to the floor before rotating back up to the starting position. Ensure you keep your hips raised at all times.

  • Then, drop your hip to the floor and raise back up. This is one rep complete. 

  • Repeat this sequence 12 times, then swap sides and complete 12 reps on the opposite time

  • Complete the sequence on both sides four times. 


Strengthen your Glutes - Glute Bridges

  • Lie down flat on your back and put one leg straight above you in the air.

  • Keeping the other leg bent, raise the whole body up with the raised foot in line with the ceiling.

  • As you raise up, move all your body weight to the heel of the foot on the floor, rather than the toe.

  • Lower back down until your bottom is just above the floor.

  • Raise back up again.

  • Repeat this movement 20 times, remembering to drive the foot as high and the body as far off the ground as possible.

  • Rest for a minute and repeat the exercise on the other leg. Complete four sets for each leg.


Strengthen your Legs - Squat Jump with Lunge Jump

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and get into the squat position.

  • Jump up, and land with your right foot in front of you, and your left foot behind. 

  • Get into the lunge position, until your left knee is touching the floor.

  • Jump up, land with your left foot in front of you, and your right foot behind.

  • Get into the lunge position, until your right knee is touching the floor.

  • Jump up and land with your feet side by side. 

  • Squat down again and repeat the sequence from the beginning. Do this six times in total to complete one set. Do four sets in total, resting for one minute between sets. 


Practice Before You Go


With a whole host of dry slopes and indoor snow centres all over the UK, your next ski session won’t have to wait for the holiday slopes. For beginners, the facilities at these centres are great for mastering the basics before heading to the mountains, and for the more familiar skiers it is a chance to get back on the snow, and to practise nailing the perfect technique every time.


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